Implement and facilitate learning communities with newcomers

This is a practical guide containing the key elements of a co-creative learning

community with non-native young people and adults in a school context. Some

inspiring practices and testimonies are also included. With this, we hope to

encourage others to set up their own learning communities in or around schools

to adapt the learning environment even more to the needs and requirements of

non-native people.

This manual is intended for professionals who want to start up their own

co-creative learning community in their professional practice and thus work for and

with young people and adults who speak a foreign language and want to make

a difference. The guide is focused on the educational context and is therefore

particularly interesting for school boards, school teams, school mediators, parent

groups, local authorities, welfare workers etc. In other words, anyone involved

in education and this target group. Of course, with a few adjustments, learning

communities can also be set up in other contexts.

Demonstration guide
Download PDF • 7.08MB

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