Inspiring workshops at VIVES

Project Partner Vives, University of Applied Sciences, organized another inspiring two day program! All the partners participating in Work Package 1: Education, were present. By now, over 30 Learning Communities have started and are getting together on a regular basis. Within these Learning Communities, migrant students and parents, work together with schools and other stakeholders, to co-create a learning environment in which they can thrive.

During the 2 day program, there were several interesting workshops. Céline Goekint, of the VIIVES games archive, showed the power of games in developing language, social, motor, and intellectual skills. But games aren’t only a great tool to develop skills, but also a very effective way as ice breakers to get people to open up, as several LC’s have already experienced! Ria Goedhart works on the Learning Communities with Middelburg Municipality, and is author of the book ‘Learning together at a super diverse school’. She explained how the arrival of newcomers has led to ‘super diversity’ in schools, and how Social Emotional Learning (SEL) should take into account nuances when applied to these schools. Els Gheldof, of VIVES, gave a demonstration of the conversation method ‘Trenziria’. This methodology is intended to reflect in a structured and safe way on culture and migration and its effects on identity and manners. With the help of visual material, participants can talk about migration experiences and about differences and similarities between country of residence and their home country.

Next to the workshops, the partners shared material en methods they use setting up and running the LC’s. In addition to sharing methods, partners were divided in groups to work on prioritizing challenges in LC’s, defining these challenges and thinking of solutions, to discuss how to work on solutions, and how to continue sharing experiences and methods among the partners.

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