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Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Three years of research, practice and evaluation are brought together in this ebook for the Social Integration of Refugees through Education and Self Employment.

The SIREE project was created to make a palpable difference to the lives of newcomers who

arrived in the 2 Seas region to begin a new chapter in unfamiliar surroundings. This ebook

combines the solid efforts of partners across the region – in the UK, France, Belgium and

the Netherlands – to lay out large breadcrumbs of practical tips and helpful shortcuts to aid

education, government and business agencies to help new migrants in constructive ways.

Two of the most important things to help newcomers survive in an unknown destination are

to build confidence leading them to positive actions, and feeling like they can achieve in their

new home – both can be done through education and self-employment.

The book consists of five chapters. An introductory chapter giving an overview of the SIREE

project; second, Learning Communities; third, Teacher Training Modules; fourth, Facilitating

Entrepreneurship, and a concluding chapter highlighting key findings and outlining a series of

recommendations for future projects.

SIREE ebook
Download PDF • 13.56MB

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