Seminar Rethinking the classroom in times of superdiversity

The SIREE project will be represented during the seminar Education and Migration - 'Rethinking the classroom in times of superdiversity' that will take place in Mechelen from 11th - 13th March. This seminar is for you if you work in education and if you feel migration has an impact on classrooms, on teachers and on education. This is for you if you teach in higher education and want to share how you deal with this widening diversity. This is for you if you need input on what is being done and needs to be done for teachers to feel better prepared. Migration is ever more present, and in times of super diversity we need an up-to-date approach. We aim to bring lecturers in higher education from departments of education and social work together, to share insights on the changing classroom. We want to rethink the classroom.

The seminar in short: Keynote speakers on integration, power distribution in our society, linguistic identity, migrants in higher education and the challenges for 2nd and 3rd generation migrants in our European educational structure develop ideas to improve socialization and integration in our diverse societies. Decades of migration combined with a sudden surge in moving displaced people looking for shelter and asylum, have changed the outlook of our classrooms. As teachers, school heads, students and parents, we want to assess better the needs of our pupils in order to assure that no child will be left out. Sessions focused on themes like ‘integration’, ‘superdiversity in our cities’ and ‘ethnicity and school success’ help us analyze what can be done in order to improve our professional competences in education and teacher education. For more information and the full programme:

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