Midterm Report.

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

The Midterm Report published on January 16, 2020, presented some of SIREE's achievements in the educational field, such as creating 31 learning communities with 683 participants, the majority with a migration background. Some of the attendees to the sessions organized by the SIREE Partners expressed feeling a greater sense of belonging to their new country of residence. Participants noticed an improvement in the parents' involvement in their children's educational process, as well as in the interaction between teachers and students with a migration background.

Regarding entrepreneurship, SIREE presented the website "How to be an entrepreneur abroad" that helps new entrepreneurs start their own business. Partners completed 55 Entrepreneurial Action Plans and organized workshops on laws, taxes, marketing, finance and bookkeeping, business planning, language, personal presentation, reflection on business ideas, and entrepreneurial skills/gaps. 96% of the workshops' participants said they would recommend them.

Download the Midterm Report published in January 2020:

Midterm Report SIREE
Download PDF • 908KB

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