Water Sport Day in Medway

On October 16th Medway Plus hosted a water sport event for refugees who attend MidKent College and its Learning Communities. From previous Learning Communities, student participants have highlighted the need to be part of social activities that potentially would increase capacity for them to engage with others. This proved to be very successful and allowed Medway Plus to gain an insight into the lives of refugee students here in the UK. In total 7 young students from Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries fully embraced the activities with much enthusiasm and laughter. The activity had provided a much needed outlet for them. They became very confident and competent within minutes and all handled the boats very well. Once the activities were finished we engaged with the students about the SIREE project in greater detail, and how this could possibly benefit them and others in the future. The students responded very positively and have agreed to further work with us on all aspects of the SIREE project, including a meeting to engage on the development of a workshop for entrepreneurs.

The Interreg SIREE project will continue to organize activities for people with a migration background. Being active in the UK, France, the Netherlands and Belgium, we aim to help migrants by organizing activities that increase the engagement of newcomers in the education process. Thanks Medway Plus, for demonstrating that working on an objective like 'social integration' can be this fun!

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